An Update of Peer Support/Peer Provided Services Underlying Processes, Benefits, and Critical Ingredients

The purpose of this article is to delineate the current state-of-the-knowledge of peer support following the framework employed in the 2004 article (Solomon, Psychiatr Rehabil J. 2004;27(4):392–401 1).

A scoping literature was conducted and included articles from 1980 to present. Since 2004, major growth and advancements in peer support have occurred from the development of new specializations to training, certification, reimbursement mechanisms, competency standards and fidelity assessment.

Peer support is now a service offered across the world and considered an indispensable mental health service. As the field continues to evolve and develop, peer support is emerging as a standard of practice throughout various, diverse settings and shows potential to impact clinical outcomes for service users throughout the globe.

While these efforts have enhanced the professionalism of the peer workforce, hopefully this has enhanced the positive elements of these services and not diluted them.

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